This site will be a chronology of one line of the Briggs family, beginning with Clement Briggs, born in 1598 in England and arriving on the Fortune in Plymouth in 1621.  It will include family trees, photos and original documents.  There will be links to each of my maternal Briggs ancestors, beginning with Orlo Gardner Briggs (O. G. Briggs), my maternal great grandfather, who was born in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 27 July 1861.

There are nine generations, going back to Clement Briggs who was the immigrating ancestor.  I will post photos and documents such as Wills, correspondence, military service and veteran pension information in an effort to assist family members interested in their history.

One interesting fact I have uncovered is the marital relationship between the Briggs and the Packard families. O. G. Briggs was married to Lucy Adelaide Chase, whose direct maternal line (Abigail Shepard Packard, b. 12 July 1840 in North Bridgewater, MA) goes back to Samuel Packard. To my knowledge, O. G. Briggs (newspaper editor and publisher, genealogist) never discovered this information. Here is the connection:

Clement Briggs (b. 1598 in England) was married twice - first to Joan Allen, mother of Thomas Briggs (b. 14 June 1633), and second to Elizabeth, mother of Clement Briggs (b. 1 January 1642), making Thomas Briggs and Clement Briggs, Jr. half-brothers.  Clement Briggs, Jr. was Hannah Packard's first husband.  They were married in 1669 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts.  Hannah Packard was the daughter of Samuel Packard (b. in England and arrived on the "Diligence"), who first settled in Hingham, MA in 1638 and then removed to West Bridgewater, MA where he was a constable and tavern-keeper. The Packard's were prominent citizens in that city, and many fought in the first battles for our country's independence.


Edith Briggs Peters, Pearl L. Briggs Family Charts, 1500-1887; supplied by compiler, Wisconsin, 1963. This information offers only family charts, with no specific documentaion for any piece of data. 

Bradford Kingman, "The Packard Family," History of North Bridgewater, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, from its First Settlement to the Present Time with Family Registers (Boston:  Bradford Kingman, 1866), 585-619. 

Family Members

Orlo Gardner Briggs
b. 27 July 1861 Ft. Atkinson, Jefferson Co., WI
d. 10 December 1930 Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co., WI

John Parmley Briggs
b. 3 April 1827 Burlington, Otsego Co., NY
d. 16 May 1900 Tomah, Monroe Co., WI

Griffin Briggs
b. 29 March 1782 Pownal, Bennington Co., VT
d. 2 September 1829 Burlington, Otsego Co., NY
Lt. Michael Briggs
b. 16 September 1751 W. Greenwich, Kent Co., RI
d. 10 February 1828 Burlington, Otsego Co., NY

Benjamin Briggs
b. 25 September 1723 E. Greenwich, Kent Co., RI
d. 6 October 1799 Burlington, Otsego Co., NY

Capt. Benjamin Briggs
b. 5 May 1695 E. Greenwich, Kent Co., RI
d. 25 November 1759 E. Greenwich, Kent Co., RI
Daniel Briggs
b. ca. 1665 Taunton, Bristol Co., MA
d. ca. 1730 E. Greenwich, Kent Co., RI

Thomas Briggs
b. 14 June 1633 Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA
d. 1 April 1696 Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA

Clement Briggs
b. ca. 1598 Southworthshire (Southwark, Surrey), England
d. 23 February 1648/49 Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA


O. G. Briggs b. 27 July 1861, d. 10 December1930.

There are many interesting stories to be shared by our extended family - I can be contacted via email at katherine@briggsfamilygenealogy.com with questions or additional information.
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